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Asciak Tennis Academy March 2024 Fun Tennis Tournament

Picture this: a sunny March day, laughter echoing across the courts, and 110 eager players of all ages, ready to serve up some fun. This was the scene at the Asciak Tennis Academy's Fun Tournament on March 19th, 2024.

It wasn't just a tournament; it was a gathering of friends, families, and tennis lovers, coming together to celebrate the game they adore. With categories for mini tennis, orange ball, and green dot, everyone had a chance to shine, regardless of age or skill level.

It was more than just tennis; it was a day of connection, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Let's take a closer look at the magic that unfolded during this heartwarming event.

Mini Tennis

We had 40 enthusiastic players aged between 4 and 7 in the exciting mini tennis tournament.

In the boys' A group, 6-year-old Cyril Carabott emerged victorious, while 5-year-old Mia Caruana Bonnici claimed the top spot in the girls' A group.

The B group saw Edward Aquilina and Leni Brandt triumphing, while our youngest champion, 4-year-old Ally Zarb Cousin, impressed everyone by winning the C group. Congratulations to all the players for their fantastic efforts!

A big thank you goes out to our dedicated coaches—Marcello, Enes, Giorgio, Anton, Katrina, Gavin, Nicky, Juan, Emma, and Sean—who played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this event. Without their hard work and guidance, none of this would have been possible.

Orange Ball

Our juniors had a blast on the courts of the picturesque Marsa Sports Club, indulging in a day filled with exciting tennis action.

In the Orange Ball category, Bruno Cap and Alessia Bartolo showcased their skills and emerged as the deserving champions, while Jack Calascione and Emma Libreni impressed as the talented runners-up.

Mattias Muscat Genovese claimed victory in the B group boys' singles, with Ian Xi securing the second position.

The Boys Doubles A group witnessed intense competition, with Bruno Cap and Jack Calascione clinching the top spot, closely followed by Francesco Mallia and Michael Xuereb in second place.

In the Boys Doubles B category, Mattias Muscat Genovese and Thomas Mamo Mifsud emerged triumphant, while Marcus Farrugia and Phoenix Lake put up a commendable performance to secure the runners-up position. Meanwhile, in the Girls Doubles, Emma Liberi and Cara Farrugia emerged as the winners, with Julia Joy Galea and Sophie Grima securing the second position.

A total of 35 Orange Ball players participated in our tournament, adding to the excitement and competitive spirit of the event.

Green Dot

Our tournament wrapped up with an exciting Green Dot Ball event, marking the culmination of a thrilling day filled with tennis action.

James Xuereb and Mara Farrugia emerged as the deserving winners, while Daniel Fleri Soler and Valentina Pace secured the second position.

A special mention goes out to 7-year-old Ed Spiteri Paris, whose impressive performance landed him in third place out of 12 participants in the A group, where he also held the title of the youngest player. Well done, Ed!

Meanwhile, Tom Pace showcased his dominance by clinching victory in both the Singles and Doubles events in the B group. Together with Nico Micallef, they triumphed in the B doubles, with Nico also securing the runner-up position in the B group singles. Eli Spiteri and Marco Federici displayed commendable teamwork, securing the second position in the B doubles.

In the Girls Doubles category, Tiffany Mifsud and Kimberly Laudi emerged victorious, while Mara Farrugia and Mara Azzopardi showcased their skill by securing the second position.

Adding to the excitement, an engaging team event took place in the A group, with the triumphant team consisting of George Spiteri Willits, James Xuereb, Christian Farrugia, Krista Vella Galea, Alicia Borg, and Arianna Logachev.

With excellent levels of play and an atmosphere filled with excitement, our juniors had a fantastic time on the courts.

A total of 110 players participated in today's event, making it a memorable celebration of tennis talent on this public holiday.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all our coaches for their exceptional work, dedication, and guidance throughout the tournament. Head Coach Gordon Asciak expressed gratitude to the Marsa Sports Club for their unwavering support, as well as to the coaches and parents for their commitment to nurturing young tennis talent.

Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding performances and sportsmanship!

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