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We genuinely believe that to be among the best, we must instil a burning desire to succeed in our tennis players and employ an intensive, structured training approach that covers all aspects of the beautiful game.


Physical Training

The physical fitness of tennis players has become a major priority in recent years and is constantly evolving. We have focused our attention on fitness and injury prevention techniques to enable our players to withstand the harshness of the game and to become independent in the recovery and preservation of their body.


Yoga and Pilates techniques have been incorporated in the training regime of our players to help with overall flexibility and stabilization of important muscle groups that are constantly being triggered in their movement .

Initial tests are carried out to evaluate the physical condition of each player and are then repeated periodically, allowing us to track player results , set goals and achieve them. We ensure to tailor each player’s program to fit their own specific requirements.

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Sports Psychology

Mental toughness is considered by many players as the single most important asset to reach peak performance.

A fundamental aspect of tennis is a player’s attitude and their mental approach towards training and competition.

Players are constantly dealing with high pressure situations and quick decisions which need to be handled with confidence and maturity.

We have partnered up with sports psychologist Adele Muscat to help our players overcome adversity both on and off the court.

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Sports Nutrition

A healthy balanced nutritional diet should be a way life. Not only for our players but for all.


Implementing a structured nutritional diet consisting of the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats is essential to keep a high energy level and reach maximum performance throughout a full day of training or competition.


Our sports nutritionist Gianluca Barbara will provide our athletes with a well structured nutritional program and help them reach optimum health and performance.


Video Analysis

Visualisation is pivotal for improvement in any sporting discipline. It will allow the coaches to identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing tactical strategies to improve and win matches.

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